Finding the motivation to hit the gym can be extremely difficult. Especially when you have so many things to do. There is one thing that helps though, your clothes can make a huge difference. Beyond cool gym wear like tracks and a t-shirt can be such a motivation. ‘Athleisure’ is a term that can be heard repeatedly these days. Athletic Leisure is what it stands for. When we think athleisure, we automatically imagine women in their designer fluorescent gym wear. Although, there is no doubt that gym attire has made its way in men’s fashion as well. Modern man has just as much time for gym chic as their female equivalent. Be it cool t-shirts or tracks, we have the gym wear covered. Let’s show you how to look good at the gym.

  1. Gym T-shirts: Coolt-shirts that fit loose enough to permit you space for a decent exercise while at the same time being cozy enough to give a quality of custom fit are always a decent choice, to begin with.
  2. Gym Bottoms: The question is, shorts, sweats or tracks? This depends on what your gym routine consists of. The only rule to swear by is, fitted but not cozy.
  3. Gym Footwear: This goes without saying: Trainers. Comfort should be the first and foremost requirement when it comes to buying gym footwear. We suggest avoiding cheap alternatives and buying the real deal instead.
  4. Gym Accessories: A sleek, stylish and durable gym bag should do the trick. Gym bags come in extremely handy when it comes to carrying your stuff. Also, carrying a gym bag around makes it pretty evident thatthe gym is exactly where you are headed.
  5. Last but not least, a Towel! Personal hygiene is absolutely critical. Leaving messy chaos as proof of your epic exercise is discourteous and impolite. It's ideal to make sure to carry a smalltowel with you to the gym.

We hope this article has been helpful. Happy Gyming!


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