How to find the right t-shirt for your body type?

A perfect-fit is when you feel comfortable and no less than a style icon, both at the same time. There should at least be one perfect-fit outfit in everyone's wardrobe that steals the show. When it comes to men's t-shirt, everybody feels comfortable and at ease but they fail to understand that it's not a perfect fit. While a plain t-shirt might help you look classy and stylish, it will make you look like a complete disaster, if it's not your size. So, it is of utmost importance to get the right size t-shirt for your body type. When you are unable to find the right size, you can always seek help from the stores. They will measure your body and suggest the right fit for you. If you think that it is a lot to do, don't worry, we have got it all covered for you.

First things first, to find the right-size t-shirts, you need to understand your body type. If you are unaware of your body shape, it is going to be a trouble for you. Not just t-shirts, but knowing your body-type and body-shape will help you in buying clothes. It will make you realize what best fits you and helps in understanding your style of clothing. Some of the male body shapes are oval, circle, square, square rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle. Most of the retailers sell the usual sizes of t-shirts for men such as small, medium and large. You can also get a customized one, but that will cost you a lot more.

What are perfect-fit t-shirts for men?

When you are trying on a t-shirt, see to it that the seam between your shoulder and arm directly sits on the joint. If your t-shirt is smaller than your body type, the seam will be too high, mostly up to your shoulder, and will probably drag the material up into your armpit. Due to this, your sleeves will ride up, which will eventually make your sweat patches visible, and your overall look will get spoiled. So, here's the guide to perfect fit based on the t-shirt type:


Muscle fit

A muscle fit t-shirt is ideal for a body type like that of DJ Bravo, tall, in shape and fit. If you are into fitness, you should consider wearing these t-shirts. These will highlight your abs and biceps, just the way you like it.


Baggy t-shirts

These men's t-shirts are new found love in town. While usually, the t-shirts are tight or close-fit, these are more comfortable and relaxed. Although it is big in size, it is different from your XL or L t-shirts. So, don't mix a baggy t-shirt with you regular over-sized t-shirts. Do check the labels before buying them.


Fitted t-shirts

These are not too big or not too small, not too loose or not too tight but, just perfect. These are great when paired with jeans and sneakers, and also work for both, casual and formal look.


So, get your perfect-fit t-shirt today!

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