How to dress up like a famous cricketer?

Six! Four! LBW! Clean bowled! Wicket! When we hear these terms, the only game that comes to our mind is 'Cricket'. Cricket has always has been a favourite sport all over the world. It is that one game, which brings together the spirit and love of people from every corner. Every cricketer has millions of fans and there are few fans who diligently follow lifestyles of cricketers. Whether it is on-field or off-field, fans have always showered their love on their beloved cricketer.

One such cricketer that has won millions of hearts is our very own, 'Dwayne John Bravo'. Popularly known as 'DJ Bravo',  this cricketer is not only famous for his game but also for his unique style of dressing. Do you wish to dress up like him? We got it all covered for you. Here are a few tips on how to dress up like a stylish cricketer.

Shop for simple yet elegant outfits

When it comes to clothing style, cricketers always go for something that's simple yet classy. Right from dressing up for a practice match to dressing up for a special occasion, you will always see them wearing a chic and decent attire. You can easily find a few t-shirts for men online, just like the ones worn by celebrities.

Choose the right pair of footwear

Footwears are always in trend amongst the cricketers. You will always spot them wearing trendy and new in market shoe collection. Just like them, you can also select a pair of shoe that's in-trend and that also goes well with your outfit. For a day look, go for sneakers and flipflops and for the night or party look, choose formal shoes or casual sports shoes.

Minimum accessories, maximum style.

If you want to look like your favourite cricketer, you have to say no to accessories. The more the accessories, the lesser the chic factor. And if you can't give up on your love for accessories, then you can use it in a minimal manner. For instance, you can wear a cap for a casual look or a sunglass for a special occasion. And a festive look, you can fo for bracelets. In addition to that, you can style your suits with the brooches that depict your style.

Carry yourself with confidence

Where you can easily get t-shirts for men online there is something that's available offline. A thing that only you can take care of, it's your confidence. If you wear your confidence right, every style would look good on you. Every clothing will eventually make your personality stand out.

Just keep smiling

Your smile enhances your beauty, hence you will always see your favourite cricketers smiling. Don't we all love it when our favourite, DJ Bravo takes down his opponent with a broad smile? Just like him, you can always win hearts, just with your smile.

Follow these aforementioned tips and see yourself shine like your favourite cricketer. While following your favourite star is a good thing, but don’t forget to put on your true-self.

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