You've presumably gone over a list of wardrobe essentials that each lady simply has to possess, more than once. In spite of reading all the articles, we keep questioning ourselves: Do we really need all of these clothes? Sure, it may look good on a model that has been pictured wearing them. But what if you are more of a quick, easy, and comfortable style kind of person? And let us be honest, we cannot really afford it all, can we? For all those women who think just like us and yet want to look fashionable without compromising on comfort, we have a solution that is both affordable and cool: T-shirts!

Here is the thing about t-shirts, when you think of dressing up, a t-shirt is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. But, wearing a perfectly fitted basic and cool t-shirt can never go wrong. We are here to tell you about 5 t-shirts that every girl should own:

  1. Classic round neck t-shirts: Casual round neck t-shirt is most likely every young lady's go-to outfit when she needs to look casual. Why? You can pair these with absolutely anybottom wear.
  2. Plunge neck t-shirts: Nothing screams casual yet sexy better than plunge neck t-shirts. They are perfect for dates.
  3. Cold Shoulder: Cold shoulders have been a rage since 2017. They scream summer fashion and can be paired with skirts, jeans or palazzos. Perfect for brunches.
  4. High neck t-shirts: This is one style of t-shirt that looks good on every body type. It sort of helps you look slim. Pair it with a jogger or jegging and your look is sorted.
  5. Collared t-shirts: Perfect for workouts since it covers the entire upper body and you do not have to worry about keeping your clothes in place. Collared t-shirt and track pants are so in these days.

Although never taken seriously, women probably already own a zillion t-shirts. And if you don’t we’d suggest Dwayne Bravo Fashion for amazingly styled cool t-shirts. Do check them out. And remember, there is a t-shirt for every occasion.

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