6 types of t-shirts, every man should own

Men always complain about their clothing and often say that they do not have many options to experiment. But, they fail to understand and notice their clothing section has a vast collection. Each type of clothing has a variety of options. Just like the t-shirt collection, there are many t-shirts for men available in the market. So, here's a list of t-shirts, every man should have in his wardrobe:

Polo t-shirt

Polo t-shirts are big win-win when it comes to men's styling. They up your versatility game as you can wear them for your favourite sport, formal event, get-together, hanging out with friends or for your regular workout. While these are the best t-shirts for everyone, they best suit a lean body frame as they create an illusion of a fuller upper body.

Henley t-shirt

The collarless form of polo t-shirts is known as a henley t-shirt. They usually have a buttoning placket of several inches. perfect for a semi-formal or casual look and can be paired with denim, chinos, khakis, cargoes or sweatpants. There are various patterns available in Henley t-shirts but the one that stands out are the one in plain, neutral colour looks best.

V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirts are the best t-shirts for men as they ate comfortable and work for both, casual and formal look. But they hold a special role in a fitness enthusiast's life as they can show off their abs and biceps. Wear a body-hugging V-neck t-shirt, and you look no less than a celebrity like DJ Bravo.

Hooded t-shirt

Hooded t-shirts are perfect all seasons, they protect you from heat, breeze,  cold and from the light drizzle. It is the most versatile and stylish t-shirt that make your off-duty look, perfect. All the fashion conscious men should go for this one. Also, the one wish to look like a hip-hopper can give it a try.

Graphic t-shirt

It is a misconception that the only college going kids should wear graphic t-shirts. But, that's not true.  Graphic t-shirts are for all age groups, right from kids to adults, everybody can wear it. The reason being is that the fonts, graphics, images, patterns or representations, vary with every age group. So, all men out there who love graphic t-shirts, wear it with pride.

Solid / Plain t-shirt

Last but not at all the least are the solid/plain t-shirts. These are must-have for every man as they make you look, clean and keep your look minimal. These simple yet classy t-shirts are timeless beauty and will never go out of fashion. Also, the best part is it is perfect for every occasion. You can never go wrong with a solid/plain t-shirt.

So to all the men out there who think they don’t have many options, now they do. All these afore-mentioned t-shirts are ideal for every occasion event. If you have all of these in your wardrobe, you are already a style icon. But, if you don't then you gotta them all. Shop until you drop!

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