3 different ways to style a white t-shirt

When it comes to men clothing, people always say that there's nothing much to experiment with it. Even though today the garment industry is blooming with different fashion trends, there are still few people who believe that the men's clothing section is just limited to shirts and pants. Many don't explore beyond that section and end up wearing the same boring outfits, over and over again. But, they don't know that the beauty of a garment lies in the styling part of it. To all the men who restrict themselves from styling and love their casual tee shirts, way too much, here are few ways in which you can style your basic white t-shirt:

Denim and white tee shirts

While the year 2019 is full of new trends and style, one look that never went out of fashion is denim and white shirt. Choose your favourite denim and team it up with a white t-shirt. To complete the look, wear casual white sneakers or a slip on. If you have a bold personality just like DJ Bravo, you can pair your white t-shirt with a torn denim. Thinking about which colour of denim to wear? Any! You can choose any colour denim as white blends perfectly with any colour.

The summer look

During summers, white acts as saviour; it protects you from the harsh sunlight and keeps you cool and fresh. But, you cannot pull your denim and white t-shirt look in summers. So, what could you do in this case? The chicest and interesting way to style your white t-shirt is by simply pairing it up with a short. It's a two-in-one outfit; you can wear the same for a day at the beach or on a brunch date. While for the brunch, tuck-in the t-shirt using a belt and wear formal slip-on and for the beach look, you can pair the outfit with flip flops and a straw hat.

The formal way

If you don't like wearing shirts to a formal meeting, you can always go for the t-shirts. Choose a decent colour chino, tuck-in your white shirt, wear a formal belt, wear a casual blazer and sum it all up with formal shoes or loafers. The best type of white t-shirt that'll go along with a formal look is the one with v-neck. This look is also a two-in-one, you can take off the blazer and head to your dinner party.

White t-shirts are very delicate and need to take care of. So make sure you save your favourite white from every kind of stain and dry clean it, as and when needed. While these were the tips on how to style your white t-shirt, there is one important tip that'll make you look more handsome and that is your smile. Carry whatever you wear, with a face on your smile and you can just win million of hearts with your styling like DJ Bravo does with his. In addition to that, always go for clothes that make you feel comfortable and happy. Up your style game with white!

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